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Publications by Network Members

A) Published reports (click on to download):


 Key  ICT4D (2006)   Information and Communication Technology for Social Development (ed. J. Baggaley).
    Jakarta: ASEAN Foundation.
 DE (2007)   Distance Education 28, vol. 2. Melbourne: Taylor & Francis.
 GK3 (2007)  Recordings: 15 PANdora audio-conferences at 3rd Global Knowledge conference (GK3).
   Kuala Lumpur, December.
 DET Asia (2009)   Distance Education Technology in Asia (eds. J. Baggaley & T. Belawati).
    New Delhi: Sage India (in press).
 DE Guidebook
 Distance Education in Asia: the PANdora guidebook (eds. T. Belawati & J. Baggaley).
    New Delhi: Sage India (in press).
 Publication  ICT4D
 DE vol 28(2)
 DET Asia
 GK3 videos
 DET Asia
 Format .pdf (contact author) .pdf .wmv .pdf
 Full m/s (700 kb.)     Updated
in DET Asia
  Full m/s
 General    Intro+Refs 
 Project/1  (22 mb.)  Chap/1  
 Project/2  (150 kb.)   (23 mb.)  Chap/10 
 Project/3  (160 kb.)     (21 mb.)  Chap/8  
 Project/4 (17 mb.)  Chap/3  
 Project/5  (106 kb.)     (22mb.)  Chap/11 
 Project/6 (10 mb.)  Chap/9  
 Project/7 (17 mb.)  Chap/12  
 Project/8  (145 kb.)   (18 mb.)  Chap/7  
 Project/9 (21 mb.)  Chap/4  
 Other (145 kb.)   Building ODL collaborative research PANdora leaders
(110 kb.)   Evaluation needs of medical DE Mongolia team
(170 kb.)   Innovative ICTs in the ASEAN region Prof. Librero
  DET: an Asian perspective Prof. Baggaley
Online medical diagnosis Mongolia team
ICT-enabled DE in communities Philippines team
PANdora collaborative model PANdora leaders
International ODL collaboration (Health Sciences
University of Mongolia; Athabasca University)
(30 mb.)   Pres. Lkhagvasuren 
The Inaccessible World-Wide Web (16 mb.)  Prof. Baggaley
B. Batpurev
Mixed-media DE delivery in Asia (19 mb.)  Bhutan; Mongolia
SUMMARY: the PANdora model (audio only) (7 mb.)  PANdora leaders

B) Slideshows: project results (click on , then on S1 to S8 to view slides):


 Project/1     Project/2     Project/3     Project/4     Project/5   
 Project/6     Project/7     Project/8     Project/9   

C) Distance Education Guidebook (click on to download):


 Full m/s (.pdf)   The PANdora Distance Education Guidebook (2008) 
    (eds. T. Belawati & J. Baggaley). Lahore: VUP (1st edition) 
 A) About the Guidebook  Index | Foreword | Online literature
 B) Open and Distance Learning  Conceptual origins
 Financial management
 Associations and partnerships
C) Evaluation and Assessment  Cost-effectiveness
 Quality assurance and 'best practices'
 Student assessment
 Conducting and reporting evaluation studies
 D) Media production  History of DE media usage
 Print and audio production
 TV and video production
 LMS materials
 SMS materials
 E) DE implementation  Accessibility and selection of DE media
 Adult learning and instructional design
 Course materials development models
 Gender and outcome mapping
 F) DE and ODL examples  China Central Radio & TV Universities
 Korea National Open University
 Sukothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU), Thailand 
 Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia
 Virtual University of Pakistan
 Wawasan Open University

D) Early papers (2003-07)

Social commentary Cackle